Legacy ACS Services

Please note that some legacy services are no longer available and the same/similar functionality is now available elsewhere, as noted below. Many of these services require authorization for access. IMPORTANT: Kindly update your records now to make use of the new URLs, where applicable, as access to the legacy URLs […]

CommunityID – Home

What is CommunityID? CommunityID is an account for a broader, extended community of affiliated persons of Rutgers University . Users that are part of an extended community are those who are not currently affiliated at Rutgers as faculty, students, staff and/or sponsored guests.  With a CommunityID account, users can register/manage their account in […]


The list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for ORCID has moved and is now available here: https://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/orcid To view/manage your ORCID information at Rutgers, go here: https://personalinfo.rutgers.edu/pi/updateOrcid.htm