Legacy ACS Services

Please note that some legacy services are no longer available and the same/similar functionality is now available elsewhere, as noted below. Many of these services require authorization for access.

IMPORTANT: Kindly update your records now to make use of the new URLs, where applicable, as access to the legacy URLs will be available indefinitely and may be unavailable in the future.

Legacy Service URL New Service URL
Privileged View

  • https://www.acs.rutgers.edu/peoplepriv
Person Registry

Dean’s View

  • https://www.acs.rutgers.edu/peopledeans
(new) Dean’s View

 Rutgers Online Directory (ROD)

  • https://www.acs.rutgers.edu/directory
University Search

Emergency View

  • https://www.acs.rutgers.edu/pls/pdv_p/Pdb_Emerg.SIGN_ON
(new) Emergency View

CA View

  • https://www.acs.rutgers.edu/caview/index.html
 Student Accounting & Cashiering Transaction Update

  • https://www.acs.rutgers.edu/sftupdte/
 Access Control

  • https://www.acs.rutgers.edu/pls/ac_p/ac_access_control.sign_on


For additional questions, please reach out to: