EAS Service Catalog

EAS Service Catalog



Address Record Update Faculty and staff can update their home address, work and home telephone numbers, emergency contact information, and email address at this site.
Agreement for Accessing University Information Faculty and staff agreement that university information may be shared only with other employees or others who have a need to know this information in order to perform their duties on behalf of the University.
Catalog Navigator Catalog Navigator is an online catalog content management system used by University Relations Creative Services.
CA-VIEW Step by step instructions on how authorized users may view reports on the CA-VIEW subsystem found on TSO.
Class Rosters/Grade Submission Authorized persons can view, download and administer their class rosters. They can also submit warnings and final grades.
Course Schedule Notes – Administration Course Schedule Notes application allows the members of University Scheduling Office to add notes which would appear on Online Schedule of Classes and in the printed Schedule of classes.
Course Schedule Planner (CSP) Rutgers students may use Course Schedule Planner to build, compare, review, and register schedules for available semesters. Long term planning, course catalog search, automated schedule generation, improved calendar view, advanced filtering, wish list and WebReg integration are just a few features that will make planning a schedule easier and faster than ever.
Course Scheduling System This application is used by departments to schedule courses for future semesters.
Course Synopsis System Authorized users may enter/maintain the URL address of specific course synopsis pages. The URL address entered by the authorized user will provide a link for students from the Schedule of Classes web page to the departmental synopsis page.
Data Dictionaries Users may search at this site for the values and detailed descriptions of data dictionary elements using keywords or other selection criteria. Available dictionaries: SRDB, Scheduling, Course History, CARS, SHOTS, Admissions, Financial Aid.
Data Management Reports Reports maintained by automated processes that harvest data from several resource points. The reports are meant to assist technical teams to gain an understanding of what production processes have completed at what time, et
Degree Audit Tool – Rutgers Degree Navigator Authorized users may access the Rutgers undergraduate degree audit and advising tool.
Degree Navigator Editor Provides authorized staff the ability to maintain degree requirements necessary for the Degree Audit system to reflect academic progress to students and student advisors
Download the schedule of classes (PDF) Document of the current schedule of classes
EAS Systems Access request form Form to request access to Student systems, including IMS (Mainframe applications), Web applications for Student administration systems, Oracle Discoverer access to Student data
Emergency Faculty/Staff NetID Request OIT will provide Emergency NetIDs to employees with Social Security Numbers who need access to electronic services to perform their assigned duties and whose on-boarding process has been delayed.
Emergency Notification System (ENS) The Emergency Notification System (ENS) provides text messages, or Short Message Service (SMS) messages, to subscribed users for emergency situations (RU ALERT) and/or campus status (RU STATUS).
Financial Aid Application & Document Status Students who have applied for Financial Aid may view this screen to determine if any required documents are outstanding.
Financial Aid Award Status Students who have applied for Financial Aid may review their award status as well as submit changes to enrollment status, housing, and awards via the Data-Change-Form-(DCF).
First Year Sectioning System Authorized users may enter/maintain course sections for newly admitted first term students.
Graduate Admissions Applicant – Administration Administrative staff can use this site to maintain Program information that appears on the web and administer applications submitted on the web.
Graduate Admissions Online Application Prospective graduate students wishing to submit an application for admission or check their admission status may do so at this site.
Guest Request System Rutgers Guest Request System is an enterprise self-service tool that enables the University Guests to submit their requests to obtain a digital identity, used to access University online services.
Guests Policy – Rutgers Guest NetID /Role
HDRTi HDRTi is an online resource for end-users to submit requests to the appropriate support team. Users select an appropriate Request Category/Type which help to route their request to the right team. Requests are submitted via an interface to an underlying HDRT system (hence the i in HDRTi for interface to HDRT) where tickets are created for each request submitted. Select the right business area below to submit a request.

Identity Access Management IAM Web site Information for integration of authentication (CAS) and Federation (Shibboleth) services.
Index of Graduate Programs Provides details on graduate programs, degrees, deadlines, requirements, and campus locations.
myRutgers University Portal myRutgers is the University Portal provides personal, customizable information and access to Rutgers services and resources available to students, faculty and staff.
NetID Activate your Network ID to use many common Rutgers services, or look up an active NetID
New Jersey Transfer NJ Community College students transferring to Rutgers can use the New Jersey Transfer Course selection and evaluation system.
Parking and Transportation (New Brunswick) Students can access New Brunswick transportation services, including citation payment, student permits and bus schedules.
People Database – Authorized Administrative (privilege) View Authorized administrators may view person information on the Rutgers People Database.
People Database – Authorized Deans View Authorized administrators may view student demographic, address, course and emergency contact information.
Personal Information Update – Employees Faculty and staff can update their emergency text message phone number, personal and employee email addresses, personal URL and preferred name at this site. Employee email address, personal URL and preferred name are displayed on the Rutgers Online Directory. Researchers can also create or connect their ORCID iD or login to  ORCID.
Personal Information Update – Students Students can update their home address and phone number, local or campus address and phone number, emergency contact information, email address and other personal information for display on the Rutgers Online Directory.
Recruitment, Onboarding and Classification System (ROCS) HR’s new recruitment, hiring and onboarding tool.
Register Online (WebReg) Students can now use the web as an alternative to Touch Tone to register and add/drop their courses.
RU Marketplace Authorized individuals are able to requisition goods and services.
RUID Lookup Each student at Rutgers has been assigned a new identification number called RUID. Using the RUID Lookup application, Rutgers students can view their Rutgers University ID (RUID). Non-Rutgers Summer and Winter session students can view their RUID using RUID query lookup.
Rutgers Online Directory Locate a Student, Faculty, or Staff member at Rutgers.
Scarlet Mail (Google Apps for Education) Activate your GoogleApps for Rutgers account
School-To-School Transfer Application Currently enrolled undergraduate students, working toward a degree, who wish to apply for admission to another college within the university may do so by submitting the online School-To-School Transfer application.
Student Accounting Statement of Accounts Students may view their charges and payments online. They may also pay their bills from this site.
Student Accounting Statement of Accounts – Administration Authorized Administrators may view a student’s Statement of Account.
Student Accounting Transaction Updates – Administration Authorized Administrators may maintain student transaction and accounting information from this site.
Student Data Request Information on the steps to request obtaining student data from EAS maintained data warehouses.
Student Emergency Information Update Currently enrolled students can add/update cell phone and emergency contact information at this site.
Student Financial Hold Information Currently enrolled students can view their outstanding financial holds. They may also pay their charges online, depending on the department.
Student Financial Hold Information – Administration Authorized Administrators may view a student’s financial hold information.
Student Grades & Transcripts – Administration Authorized Administrators may view actively registered students’ grades and/or full transcripts at this site.
Student Grades/Transcripts/Schedules Actively registered students can now view their class schedules for the current term with meeting days, times and locations, as well as their semester grades & full transcripts at this site.
Student Online Directory Management Students can update their email address, personal url and disclosure options for personal information at this site.
Student Permanent Address Update Students can update their home address and phone number at this site.
Student Personal Access Code (PAC) Change Students may change their personal access code which is required to access Touch-Tone and Web Registration.
Student Technology guides Quick guide for technical services
Student/Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Authorized administrators in New Brunswick, Camden, and Newark may produce Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) forms and update student and/or exchange visitor information to send to the INS to track international students, scholars and their dependents who hold F-1, F-2, J-1, or J-2 nonimmigrant status.
Transcript/Enrollment Certification Requests Authorized users can request an official transcript, a verification of enrollment, or a recent term grade report for currently enrolled students, alumni or former students.
Undergraduate Admissions Applicant – Administration Admission Application administration functions are administered from https://admissionservices.rutgers.edu/ugrad/admin/menu.adm. Functions include viewing submitted and in progress applications along with student admission status, maintenance for application help text instructions, School and Program closings, Application Image document printing, Cycle Date settings, School Advisories maintenance and administrative security maintenance.
University Calendar of Events The online RU Events system is the central location for information about events of interest to the Rutgers community.
University Schedule of Classes (SOC) Check which sections are closed or open, whether additional sections or courses have been added, view the course synopsis, or view the entire catalog by subject.
University Units Search Locate colleges, schools, departments, units at Rutgers. List faculty and staff associated with these colleges, schools, departments and units using a valid netid.


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