Data Services

Data Requests Workflow

University departments sometimes require data from the enterprise systems and applications supported by EAS.  The data requested is used for the needs of unit systems/applications or third party vendors that provide systems/applications run as a service for the University.

Data Services are provided to meet these data needs, below is a menu of data sources available.  The data service request process for data includes the steps of documenting data requirements,  EAS consultation with the requester to review details, gaining approval from the Business Data Owner, and then following the standard system development life-cycle: design, develop, test, and deploy the data service.

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Data Services Menu

Business Data Source
RU Buildings & Rooms Archibus
RU Student Record SRDB
RBHS Student Record BANNER
RU Scheduling/Course Catalog SRDB
RBHS Course Catalog BANNER
RU Course History SRDB
RU College Assessment Research System (CARS) CARS
RU Freshmen Sectioning FS
RU Registration SRDB
RBHS Registration BANNER
RU Room Scheduling RS
RU Financial Aid FAMS
RBHS Financial Aid BANNER
RU/RBHS Person Digital Identifiers PERSON REGISTRY
RU/RBHS Identities IDM
RU Under-Graduate Admissions Admissions
RU Graduate Admissions Admissions
RU Student Health Online Tracking System (SHOTS) SHOTS
RU Statement of Accounts SOA
RU Financials E-Business
RU HR/Payroll PeopleSoft
RBHS Financials BANNER

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Data Dictionaries are available for: Student Records (SRDB), Scheduling, Course History, Admissions, CARS, SHOTS, Financial Aid, and RBHS Course Catalog can be found

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