NetID+ Troubleshooting Guide

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Common Issues :

  1. Users who selected “Automatically send this device a Duo Push” option during their first enrollment via the NetID Management Application  can experience infinite loop of  Push Login requests when they try to “Add new device” .

We strongly recommend users not to choose  Duo Push automatic  option, but if  a user uses this option , they simply can just cancel the Push Request as follows :


We recommend to choose “Ask me to choose an authentication method”  option available in the drop down menu   as your default option .  This will prevent the infinite loop issue from happening.





2. “Remember Me” option not working

For “Remember Me” feature to work, you will first have to disable the automatic Duo Push or Call Me option. If you have any of this automatic option on, please visit NetID Management Application follow the instructions in step 1 above.

After automatic “Send Me a Push’ or “Call Me” is disabled, you can visit any CAS protected application that requires two-factor-authentication. On the Multifactor authentication window, check the checkbox for “Remember me for 30 days” and then complete your authentication as shown below.


Remember Me feature relies on cookies and when cookies are  enabled correctly , you will not be asked to complete two-factor authentication next time you login to the same browser. Please be aware of the following restrictions that can impact Remember Me feature  and adjust your browsers’ setting accordingly :

Chrome private/incognito does not provide support for remember  me as cookies are cleared every time you start a new incognito session.

IE has a “Delete browsing history on exit”  in its General setting .  If this  is enabled , Remember Me feature will not work.

Some browser may have restricted security settings to only allow cookies from certain authorized sites.  If you must have this restriction add “” as a trusted site.

For more information about know issues not covered in this article, please visit the Duo Security  Common Issues Guide