Opt-in to NetID+

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In case you you have not opted-in to NetID+ before  or if you have opted-out from NetID+ and you need to protect your account when accessing  web applications protected by the Central Authentication System (CAS) , you must opt-in to NetID+ .

To opt-in:

  1. Login to NetID Management https://netid.rutgers.edu/
  2. Click on Manage NetID+ Two Factor Authentication. Login with your NetID and password.
  3. Click on Manage My NetID+ User Account Opt in/out (On left Panel). You will be prompted to use 2-factor authentication . You will need to pick on of the authentication methods (Send Me a Push, Call Me or Enter a Passcode). authenticationoptions
  4. After you authenticate with Duo ,  Please make sure Opt in NetID+ button is selected .  Click Submit.


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