Re-Sync Hardware Token

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Instructions to Re-Sync Hardware Token 


  1. Login to the NetID Management Application
  2. After logging in, click on “Resync Hardware Token” link in Left menu. User does not have to go through DUO authentication for accessing this page:ResyncToken
  3. The Serial Number drop down will list the serial numbers of all the hardware tokens (Of the type DUO and OTP) the user has enrolled in. User has to select the token they want to sync from the drop down and enter 3 different passcodes generated through the hardware token in the text boxes and click “Resync Hardware Token” button.
  4. There is about 10 seconds wait for OTP tokens and 30 seconds wait for DUO tokens to get the next passcode. If all passcode values are entered correctly, token will be resynced and user will see below success message:ResyncToken_success

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