myRutgers UXP (new beta) – myGuest Authorized User | Student perspective

How to provide guest access to Authorized Users as a student.

Any authorized user must be configured by the student first. Students can have up to 3 authorized users at any given time. Let’s review the steps the student must take to set up their authorized users.

The flow

The steps

  1. Open settings
  2. Select Authorized Access
  3. You are now on the My Authorized Users page
    1. Select “Add a User”
  4. Review the FERPA agreement
  5. Check off the box
    1. Select “Confirm”
  6. Fill out the fields in yellow
    1. Select which records your authorized user should have access to
    2. Select “Submit”
  7. Your authorized user has now been added. 3 active users are allowed at one time You may also…
    1. Use the “Edit” icon to change certain info about that user as well as permissions
    2. Resent Welcome Email if it was lost
    3. Change user to inactive

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