myRutgers UXP (new beta) – myGuest Authorized User | Parent/Guest perspective

How to be an Authorized User as a parent/guest.

Any authorized user must be configured by the student first. Students can have up to 3 authorized users at any given time. Let’s review the steps a parent/guest must take once the student has given them authorized access.

The flow

The steps

  1. Locate the invitation email that was sent to your email inbox
    1. Select the “Register CommunityID” link in the body of the email.
  2. The CommunityID site will open.
    1. Your name and email address are pre-populated
    2. Create a password
    3. Confirm your password
    4. Check the CHOPPA checkbox
    5. Select “Register”
  3. Once registration is complete, you should be redirected to the myRutgers landing page
    1. If not, please go to
    2. Select “CommunityID Login”
  4. Login
    1. Enter your email address
    2. Enter the password you just created
    3. Select “Log In”
  5. You are now on the myGuest Dashboard
    1. Select which user you would like to view by clicking on their card
    2. Please take note of the PIN on the card as you will need this if you need to reach out to support
  6. You have now selected a user
    1. You can view key information you are allowed to view here
    2. Click on the “eye” cover icon to reveal private information

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