Duo Mobile Push Authentication Method

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After you have self-enrolled for DUO using your mobile phone(IPhone, Android)  or tablet  via NetID management Application, you can login to any CAS protected application using two-factor-authentication. You will first need to enter your CAS NetID and password:


After successful authentication using NetID and password, you will see DUO two-factor authentication page:


Choose   “Send me a Push” .  Please note that “Send me a Push” will need a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data plan. If you do not have or don’t wish to use either of those, please use “Enter a Passcode” option.  you will get a DUO Mobile App notification on your smart phone:


Tap the green bar where it says “Tap to Respond”:


Tap ‘Approve’ if you have made the authentication request. Once you tap ‘Approve’, you will be redirected to the application you were attempting to login via CAS.

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