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     Add a New Device

Note: You  are strongly encouraged to enroll using your mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet so that if one device is unavailable, you can use another device to authenticate.



1. Please go to NetID Management Application and click on Manage NetID+.

 2. Enter your NetID and password.duo_login_to_nmgt

3. After successful login, Click on either of  ‘Manage My Mobile Devices’ links shown in picture belowhomePage

4. A DUO pop up window will open. Click on ‘Add a new Device’ link on left menu inside the pop upaddDevice1

5. Complete DUO two factor authenticationauthenticate1

6. Select the device you want to enrollselectDevice

You can follow the instructions from below links to complete your enrollment.

Please note: If you are enrolling a new smart phone or tablet, you will have to install “DUO Mobile” app on your device.

The complete instructions are mentioned in the enrollment links:

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