SSO Security Guidelines


Single Sign-on (SSO) Security Guidelines for End Users:

Like every resource at Rutgers, you have responsibilities and are accountable for using SSO in accordance with relevant policies. Among these responsibilities, be sure to:

  • Safeguard and never share your logon password.
  • Always close your web browser when you finish accessing services that require authentication, particularly if the computer is in a place open to others.
  • Ensure all computers have a password protected lockout screen saver that every user knows how to invoke.
  • Invoke the password protected lockout screen saver before you ever leave your computer unattended-even for a few minutes.
  • Immediately notify your supervisor and the OIT Division of Information Protection and Security if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account.

Taking the actions listed above will assist you mitigate the risks of someone else using your account and your security authorizations.

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