CAS Certificates


The certificates are in the name of and They are signed by InCommon. Anyone whose software checks certificates should load the certificates for the CA, not the individual certificate.

InCommon Certificates for CAS service (Fall 2018)

CAS will be using InCommon certificates starting in the Fall 2018. was moved to InCommon on 8/23/2018. The date for will be announced soon.

Current Java installs should include the InCommon CA certs. If you are using a system that does not include them, download the following:

For older Java installations, you’ll need to add these to your cacerts library (java/jre/lib/security/cacerts file) using the Java keytool application.

For languages that use OpenSSL, like PHP and Perl, you’ll want to put the CA Certs in a file (e.g. cacerts.pem) and then reference file in your code.

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