Shibboleth Extending to Cloud Testing

Status:   Completed

We strongly encourage that you test your shibboleth protected service providers with this new instance.  This will enable you and Rutgers OIT to conduct extensive testing to ensure that the high-availability model is working as expected without impacting your production services

When Can you start testing?

Testing phase will start on Monday, March 20, 2017 and will end promptly on Friday March 24th at 5pm.

A day has been set aside to test high availability on-premises failovers on Wednesday March 22nd.

What Do you need to participate in the testing?
  1. Contact idm Operation to initiate your testing by sending an email to
  2. Import an updated IdP metadata file containing new endpoints located on the AWS instance of Shibboleth into your development/test server(s). This end point will be . The link to the test metadata can be found  here .
  3. Start testing and report any issues to
  4. After testing is completed, you can then undo all the changes on your development/test server(s) and re point it to the original meta data file for
Do I need to make any Configuration changes when this moves to production?
  • No, for production we are not making any changes to the EntityID, endpoint URL or meta data. We expect this to be transparent in production.

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