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ldap.rutgers.edu / ldap2.rutgers.edu description

This website describes the Rutgers Enterprise-wide LDAP service on ldap.rutgers.edu and ldap2.rutgers.edu. These servers are intended for use by Units throughout Rutgers to do authentication and authorization, i.e. to check passwords, and to verify whether users are valid members of the Rutgers community. It can also verify information such as whether they are in a certain department or registered for a certain course.

The LDAP servers may also be used as an email address directory, for mail software that supports LDAP. Most current mail software does.

For questions, please contact LDAP Support.

The LDAP servers run on the usual ports, 389 for normal services, and 636 for SSL service. Anyone that supplies passwords must use SSL or TLS.

There are two LDAP servers, ldap.rutgers.edu and ldap2.rutgers.edu. The services and machines are identical and both have their data continuously replicated from a master LDAP server. We suggest setting up applications to use ldap.rutgers.edu as their primary server and ldap2.rutgers.edu as a backup in case ldap.rutgers.edu can’t be reached or fails.

ldap.rutgers.edu and ldap2.rutgers.edu are in separate locations in New Brunswick/Piscataway. If you use only one server, it should be ldap.rutgers.edu.

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