Connecting to LDAP

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Connecting to LDAP

To use as an addressbook for your mail program, you do not need to login. Simply configure your system with the following information:

  • server:
  • port: 636 over SSL or 389 with TLS only. Non Secure connection is no longer supported
  • search base: ou=people,dc=rutgers,dc=edu

For properly written addressbook and mail software you shouldn’t need any other information from this document.

NOTE: At the present time only faculty/staff email addresses are available when following these directions. To comply with privacy laws and university regulations, student email addresses are not visible.


Note that most services using for authentication or other purposes will need access to data that we don’t make available to the general public. Because of concerns about student privacy regulations, we only make information about faculty and staff available to the public. Also, for authentication you may need to check information about a user’s status, and you may need to look up the RCPID, which we don’t make available to the public.

Thus if you are going to base a service on, you should contact LDAP Support. We will assign you a service-specific DN and password. Your service should bind to that DN over SSL. That will give you access to all of the data in the server. For specific information on what the request should look like, see Obtaining a service DN.

WARNING: Service DN’s permit you to see all information in the directory. Some of this information is confidential, either by University policy or Federal law. You are expected to use this information only to determine whether users are eligible for a service, unless you have requested permission to use it in other ways.

In particular, your application may not display this information or otherwise make it available to anyone without permissions from the appropriate data custodians (University HR or the Registrar).

Anyone requesting a service DN will be asked to verify that they have accepted the Agreement for Accessing University Information. You may well have done this already because of Administrative Systems or some other project.

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