Person Registry – Access Request

Person Registry is the enterprise identity data store at Rutgers University and allows authorized persons to accomplish work in admistrative roles.

To request access to Person Registry, identify your role below and submit a request to the Identity Management (IDM) team.

IMPORTANT: Before submitting a request, please make sure to order the free Smartsheet Unlicensed User to allow login to the collaborator version. Learn more.

Role Description
Help Desk Used by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk to request access to the Person Registry. Submit request
Person Registry View only Used by support personnel to lookup users in the Person Registry (legacy Privileged view). Submit request
Retiree Admin Used by Univeristy Humarn Resources (UHR) admins to help on-boarding retirees who predated  UHR data. Submit request
Data Resolution Used by UHR  and Student systems admin to help in resolving Identity Matches due to conflicting information between UHR and SIS systems. Submit request
Guest Sponsor Used by departments to designate  their guests’ sponsors. Submit request for Guest Sponsor
Guest Admin – RBHS Guest Patron Used by Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) departments to designate their guests’  admin, also known as “Guest Patrons”. Submit request


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