Registry Identifiers

We will be standardizing on the following identifiers for use across the University. This will simplify the experience of members of the University community when accessing services.


The NetID will be the single identifier a person needs to know. It is the unique identifier for students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates of the University to access information online, as well as to identify themselves on forms and paperwork.

NetIDs will be preassigned using the person’s initials and a collision number. (Existing NetIDs will be grandfathered, so no changes will be required for current affiliates who have selected NetIDs.) We are making this change to simplify the process of provisioning services for new affiliates, and to address “exhaustion” of the self-selected NetID space. (Most common NetIDs have already been selected, making it harder for new affiliates of the University to find acceptable NetIDs.)

A facility for self-selecting University email addresses will decouple NetID from email delivery. This will allow login information to not be revealed when providing an email address, as well as allowing email addresses to more closely resemble a person’s name.


The RCPID will be the single identifier for communicating from system to system. Nobody will ever need to know their RCPID, it will exist simply to facilitate the collation of records across systems. Why not just use NetID? A NetID can be changed under certain circumstances. By using RCPID instead, systems can isolate themselves from these changes.

RUconnection Card Number (RCN)

A new, random number will be introduced to enhance the security of the RUconnection ID card. RCNs will be unique to a given card, and will change completely if a card is lost or replaced. Systems that use the ID card will need to translate from the RCN to identify the person in question.

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