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Enterprise Messaging Services

  • EAS Support Unit Description: This university business unit is responsible for providing enterprise messaging, mobile applications and other related services for the University:
    • Email, Calendaring, Text and other Collaborative Services – provide software development, services administration and support for centralized student email system and several decentralized faculty/staff email systems, including ediscovery and OPRA requests.
    • Mobile Applications – provide application development, administration and support for the Rutgers mobile application and assist with strategy for other mobile applications development university-wide.
    • Academic and Administrative Services– administer and support systems and application development for various software, services and tools.
  • Supported Services:
    • Scarletmail (Google Apps for Education) support for all students, alumni and faculty for use in academic environments, includes administrative and application development support for Email, Calendaring, Storage, IM and Google Vault.
    • Rutgers Connect (Office 365) email, calendaring and collaborative services for all faculty, staff and guests across the university, including both administration of systems and application development for Email, Calendaring, Storage, Lync, IM, Archiving and other services.
    • Ediscovery and OPRA requests for all OIT email services and university-wide assistance.
    • Rutgers Automated Mailing Service (RAMS), a mailing list service based on University data and demographic information used for official administrative and classrooms mailings.
    • Mailman ad-hoc mailing list service.
    • @rutgers.edu email forwarding and alias service.
    • Legacy Email Systems at Newark, Camden, New Brunswick and RBHS, anti-spam/virus/phish handling, archiving, encryption and HIPAA support (Zix Gateways).
    • Emergency Notification Service (ENS) supporting emergency broadcast of text messages university-wide for major weather and public safety/police situations, via Textopoly vendor.
    • Email and calendaring services for University Hospital (UH) per transition services agreement (TSA).
    • Development, administration and support for the official Rutgers University mobile application and strategic planning and assistance for other University mobile apps, including recent releases supporting both Rutgers Gardens and the 250th anniversary of the University.
    • SMTP Mail Relay service (e.g. whitelist, smarthost, noid, etc.) and authentication, help desk tools, user email service and provisioning tools.
    • Academic software and tools including apps.rutgers.edu and rci.rutgers.edu, (centralized systems for running various software and applications), a web URL shortner tool, student and departmental web pages, database support for students, file storage, and various software packages.
    • Nagios Monitoring service, provides enterprise-class Open Source IT monitoring, network monitoring, server and applications monitoring.

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