ENS Help

Rutgers Emergency Notification System (ENS) is an SMS based system for Rutgers affiliated individuals to facilitate communications regarding emergencies and weather events that affect the university campuses.

If you have a NetID, you can manage your ENS subscription.

If you are Rutgers affiliated but do not have a functional NetID, you need to activate it, or contact your campus help desk.

If you have subscribed to ENS and do not receive the notifications, you may need to contact your carrier about unblocking any short codes used for ENS.  There is a list of known short codes, however, the RAVE Mobile Safety cloud-based system can and will use other short codes Rutgers may not be aware of.

You may also send STOP to any of the short codes used, however, sending STOP to any of these short codes will ALSO stop you from receiving any RAVE SMS notifications from any other RAVE customers (e.g., if you receive any notifications from k-12 schools, employer, etc… via RAVE).

If you are unaffiliated with Rutgers University and are having issues with ENS that cannot be resolved  we recommend you contact the New Brunswick Help Desk via phone or email.

For any other issues, contact your campus help desk.

New Brunswick Help Desk

848-445-HELP (4357)