Getting Data Management Help

Routine tasks and problem reports are handled through our Ticket System [ HDRTi ==> Request Category -> Database ]. This system provides authenticated/authorized users the ability to submit requests for routine tasks or problem reports to the Data Management team. These requests might be for small deployments of application changes, such as PLSQL, PeopleSoft App-Designer project files, E-Business customization deployments/patching. For more involved and time-consuming Project Work, the Project Managers will plan out the required tasks and time will be allotted for any corresponding DBA analysis, coding, testing, upgrades that may be required of our team. Project target-dates are negociated with our team based on the projected team workload for the period involved. We do our best to keep our team’s agreed upon deliverables on target so that the overall project-plan stays on track. Each Business Process Owner has a Project Manager and Associate Director that is there to support their existing and new applications. These requests typically go through these channels before any work is performed. The progress and the tasks are managed by the PM and an associated project plan is kept current (see Projects:Lifecycle).


Tasks and/or requests are not generally handled through the team’s email address ( That address is provided in the event that our Ticket System is down or for external entities that may like to reach out to our team.

To initiate a routine requests to the Data Management Team, please submit a ticket using the following link and choose “Database” as the Request Category: Help Desk – Database Team

If you have questions for the Data Management Team, please use our group email list:

For more information about our team and the services we support and further assistance, please visit our team website at:

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