Tableau is a powerful business intelligence and data visualization tool. It has an intuitive user interface and can be leveraged to gain greater insights to the data of interest. The user does not need to have experience in programming languages to be successful in creating intuitive reports and dashboards that can help your organization better understand their data and ultimately enable actionable business insights. Tableau Desktop is a visualization tool that provides you with a quick way to analyze, visualize and share information. It is used by advanced users to create and publish data visualization/dashboards and perform advanced data analysis. We also support Tableau Servers (dev/test/prod) and work with various University teams to host their organizations Tableau content on the Enterprise Tableau Server to share the content with a wide collection of users.

Enterprise Tableau Server
The Enterprise Tableau server is an environment that allows advanced Tableau Desktop users to publish dashboards and other artifacts to an established “Project” on the Tableau Server to share your content with a set of users you wish to share them with or the entire community. The general steps to perform this work are defined below:

  • Create the dashboard using Tableau Desktop
  • Consult on the topic of Business Intelligence/Analytics about the proposed content to be published
  • Request a Project for your Dashboard(s)
  • Deploy content to DEV/TEST
  • Test all aspects of your content (accuracy, performance, security, etc.)
  • Contact us to migrate your dashboard to the production server


For many users that only need to view and interact with Tableau Dashboards and Workbooks that were created by other publishers, there is no need for a Tableau Desktop license. You will only need a web-browser and have access to the Tableau Server Group where the content of interest resides on the Server.

Data sources that are managed by OIT-EAS will be deployed to the appropriate Tableau Server Projects on the Server.  Delegated personnel from a given business area will be responsible for approving and applying access to users.

Tableau Desktop Help
Tableau has many resources on their website to help you use the desktop tool.   Additionally LinkedIn Learning offers training to help you learn even more!  We have also established a Rutgers Tableau Users Group where you can email, review conversations/FAQs, and share with the Rutgers community on the use of the tool. To join the group, simply click to request access!

Tableau Server Assistance 
If you have questions about the Enterprise Tableau server, please contact us at

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