CAS Requesting Access

Requesting Access

To request access to the Rutgers CAS Server, please use our Request Form (NetID Authentication required) and provide the following information:

Request Category: CAS

Request Type: New CAS Client (white list)

Provide the following in the description:

  • Acknowledgment that you have read and agreed to the CAS SSO Terms of Service found here.
  • Primary Contact Name & Email
  • Secondary Contact Name & Email
  • URL to Test Instance of Application – Must be protected via https. Self-signed SSL certificates are permissible for Test entries
  • URL to Production Instance of Application – Must be protected via https, and should use valid named SSL certificates
  • Description of Application
  • If you require the use of proxyValidate (or use pgtUrl), you need to request that this is enabled for your application
  • Expected usage pattern (i.e. 20 users, we expect to see a huge spike at the beginning of the semester, etc.)

Please note that the primary and secondary contacts will be added to our cas_announcements email to receive information about outages, upgrades, etc. Cas_announcements is a low-traffic, announce-only list. If there are additional or alternative email addresses you would like added to our cas_announcements list, please let us know in the initial request.

To configure your CAS-Agent client side, please obtain the appropriate CAS URLs as documented in this link.



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