LDAP Communication

Jump to… News Communication Description Connecting Update Schedule Service DNs Certificates Authentication/ Authorization Schema Testing Communication Related to LDAP Reference material and documentation related to LDAP will be posted on this site. Contact Purpose Access ldap_announcements Low traffic list for communication announcements related to LDAP availability, planned maintenance, and status. […]


News OpenLDAP Migration Project Background The LDAP Directory is an enterprise directory service that offers secure and scalable access to Rutgers user information. It is widely used by many services to authenticate and authorize users. It’s one of the core components for the Identity Management (IdM) service stack. In addition, […]

CAS Client for Java

Example Java Configuration for Applications The example below is a stripped-down web.xml that is used to demonstrate configuring the basic JASIG CAS Client for Java. This client provides no authorization capabilities. You can retrieve the username of the person who logged in by calling request.getRemoteUser(). For more advanced usage of […]

CAS Spring Security Example

Example Spring Security Configuration for Applications The example below is a stripped-down web.xml and Spring Application context that is used to demonstrate configuring Spring Security for Java. This client is significantly more advanced than the basic JASIG CAS Client for Java. For more advanced usage of this CAS client, please […]

CAS Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists Rutgers Mailing Lists Name Description cas_announcements The cas_announcements list is used to relay important information (new features, downtime, problems, etc.) to users of the local Rutgers CAS server. Other Mailing Lists JASIG maintains a collection of mailing lists related to the JASIG Central Authentication (CAS) project. These lists […]

SSO Security Guidelines

Single Sign-on (SSO) Security Guidelines for End Users: Like every resource at Rutgers, you have responsibilities and are accountable for using SSO in accordance with relevant policies. Among these responsibilities, be sure to: Safeguard and never share your logon password. Always close your web browser when you finish accessing services […]

CAS Requesting Access

Requesting Access To request access to the Rutgers CAS Server, please use our Request Form (NetID Authentication required) and provide the following information: Request Category : CAS Request Type: New CAS Client (white list) Provide the following in the description: Acknowledgment that you have read and agreed to the CAS […]

Applications Using CAS

Applications Using CAS Student Applications myRutgers Degree Navigator Online Web Registration Student Campus Mailing Address Emergency Contact Update Financial Hold Information Student Grades, Transcripts, and Class Schedules Rutgers Online Directory Update Personal Access Code Change Transcript Request Rutgers Newark TutorTrac Learning Center Tracking Software eCollege Faculty/Staff Applications Course Navigator Online […]

How CAS Works?

How CAS Works When an application would like to authenticate users with CAS, it will use a CAS client along with a small amount of code to interact with this client. Many clients are available including a client for uPortal, AuthCAS for Apache along with clients written in Java, Perl, […]

CAS SSO Terms Of Service

SSO Terms Of Service Users will be able to initiate Single Sign On (SSO) from ANY CAS protected application throughout the University. This means that once a person logs into an application via CAS, that person can enter new applications without the need to provide his/her credentials again. As a […]