Emergency Notification System (ENS) ANNOUNCEMENTS

  • March 2015

    ENS was updated to include CAMPUS alerts (e.g. campus closures due to weather) with a message prefix RU STATUS. Existing ENS users were defaulted to receive CAMPUS alerts but are able to opt-out (or unsubscribe) to receive these additional CAMPUS alerts and only receive the original EMERGENCY alerts. Go to ENS Home to manage your ENS subscription.

  • April 2014

    ENS was updated to allow users to self-select which campuses they want to receive ENS messages, whereas previously the system auto-detected campus affiliation. An initial load of data was performed to make a best-guest of which campus users were affiliated based on users’ last known status. ENS Users were defaulted to ‘New Brunswick/Piscataway’ where campus affiliation could not be determined. Go to ENS Home to manage your ENS subscription, including which campuses you would like to receive ENS messages.

  • December 2013

    The legacy UMDNJ emergency notification system called RAVE will be/was permanently decommissioned and replaced with ENS.

  • November 2013

    ENS was updated to include users from legacy University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) positions.