Enterprise Document Solutions

Rutgers University Enterprise Document Solutions supports the entire university community. This Enterprise Application Services team manages the implementation, administration and support of the following document management solutions: Perceptive Content (ImageNow), Kofax Capture & KTM, and Brainware and DocuSign. Business units already using the platforms are: Office of Financial Aid, RBHS Faculty Affairs, University Procurement Services, University Human Resources, and University Finance & Administration.

Perceptive Content (ImageNow) is a full enterprise content manage (ECM) and workflow suite used to handle all content types and put them in proper context of an area’s process or need. Perceptive Content features dozens of modules that allow it to interact with specific applications, processes or users. It can help reduce paper files, reduce the need for printing & copying documents, as well as eliminate your need for physical storage of documents.  To accomplish electronic document storage, Perceptive Content allows users to efficiently capture and organize various types of documents, then retrieve a precise page instantly from within any business application at the moment it’s needed.

For more information please email the Enterprise Document Management team at imagenow-help@oit.rutgers.edu

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