Data Management & Analytics

Welcome to Enterprise Application Services – Enterprise Data Management & Analytics Team

We are a group of seasoned technical support staff with experience in database administration (DBA) and ERP Apps-DBA environments. Our mission is to provide the best end-user experience possible to those that utilize the technology we support. We support a broad range of services to meet the requirements of the University’s enterprise systems.

The services and technology we support are continuously expanding with the needs of the University. We strive to address all requests in a timely manner and consistently work to take proactive measures to keep unplanned system outages to a minimum. We expect top performance from the databases and services we provide and work closely with other technical teams to ensure these goals are realized.

To initiate a routine requests to the Data Management Team, please submit a ServiceNow ticket using the following link:   ServiceNow – EAS Data Management & Analytics

If you have questions for the Data Management Team, please use our group email list:

For more information about our team and the services we support and further assistance, please visit our team website at:




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