How do I configure my iPhone/iPod to check my Rutgers email?

Before you can use your email account on iPhone/iPod, you need to add your account to Mail. If you have a ScarletMail account, please refer to Follow the steps below for all other email accounts: Tap Mail Select your account type. Tap Other from the list of mail account […]

How do I forward my email to another account?

Please use the Webmail client’s Webtools to setup forwarding addresses: ScarletMail: RCI: CRAB: ANDROMEDA: AESOP: Login to Webmail at — CHANGE profile — enter email addresses in “forwarding” input box — SET DRAGON: See question on “How do I forward my dragon account’s e-mail to […]

Why does my email channel timeout?

The most common cause for the email channel timeout or slow response is a large Inbox with many or large email messages, and/or large folders structure. Cleaning up your mail account will help speed up the login process. Please use the Webmail client to clean up if it was impossible […]

How do I configure my email channel’s preferences?

The email channel’s preferences can be configured by: Maximize your email channel Click on “Configure Preferences” link Change your mail settings, such as: email signature, prefered sent folder, show new mail at the top or at the end, etc… Click on “Save & Exit” button

How do I change my email server?

The email server can be configured by: Maximize your email channel Click on “Configure Preferences” link Click on “Change mail system” link Select your email server Enter username and password if your email credentials are not the same as your NetID credentials Click on “Login” button

What’s my default email server?

By default, you will be single signed on to your primary mail server based on your primary role and campus location after logging into myRutgers, requiring that your email credentials are the same as your netId credentials: ScarletMail: All students RCI: News Brunswick faculty/staff members CRAB: Camden faculty/staff members ANDROMEDA: […]

Why do I see “My Alerts” channel upon logging into myRutgers?

Alerts on login and email notification of new alerts are enabled by default. You will be presented with the “My Alerts” channel if you have any unacknowledged alerts upon logging into myRutgers. You can disable this feature by changing the Alert Notification Preferences via “Configure Preferences” link in “My Alerts” […]

Where is my “Profile” channel?

The Profile channel can be accessed directly using the shortcut “RU ID” link provided on myRutgers homepage or by clicking on your name in the banner section after logging into myRutgers.