MarketPlace General Information

Legacy UMDNJ purchased an e-Procurement system which will improve the buying experience for our users. This new system is an add-on to Banner. The e-Procurement system will make the buying process easier for end users, and direct spending to our contract vendors, which will reduce costs for the University. This […]

JBI Library Access Info

Accessing JBI Library Content for Students How to access full content of JBI library to retrieve systematic review protocols, full reports, and implementation reports: * To access to the JBI library, please follow the instructions below: Go to the site for JBI COnNECT+: The Username is UMDNJ and the […]

Setting up a Vacation Message (student)

Sun Java Comm. System 1. Log into (you may also select alternate access from the portal after clicking the email icon) 2. Click Options, then click Vacation Message. 3. Check the “Enable Vacation Message for the time period” checkbox. 4. Set Start and Stop dates. 5. You may leave […]

NetID+ Two-Factor Authentication service

Jump to… Rutgers NetID+ Home Enrollment Login Instructions Tutorial Videos NetID Management Application FAQs Troubleshooting Guide What is NetID+(Plus)? Rutgers NetID+ (Plus) uses two types of authentication to verify your identity: your Rutgers NetID login/password via CAS (central authentication service), and an authentication code via Duo (second –factor security service). […]

Central Authentication Service – CAS Standard project

Central Authentication Service   CAS – Rutgers’ official Single Sign-on standard for all web-based applications Standardizing on CAS as Rutgers official Single Sign-on standard for all web-based applications is part of security measure being implemented. These measures will reduce the threat of phishing attacks and improve the ability to provision […]

Rutgers Instant Messaging

Rutgers IM is an open-source Instant Messaging (IM) service that provides secure, encrypted communications with other users logged into the Rutgers central IM server, making it more appropriate for sending sensitive information within the University than standard Instant Messenger services. Rutgers IM uses the University NetIDs to identify people which […]