What is SafeNet?

Jump to… Services Costs SLA Using SafeNet Token FAQ MobilePass FAQ Resources Overview The EAS SafeNet authentication service provides a two-factor, one-time password authentication system utilizing SafeNet tokens from Secure Computing Corporation. At Rutgers these were formerly known as enigma authentication tokens after an old branding from that company. All […]

What is Kerberos?

Kerberos is the main password store used at the University for NetID and central OIT Unix machine authentication. When a user or application authenticates against either CAS, LDAP, RCI or ICI, the password is checked against the password stored in Kerberos. The systems are: kerberos.rutgers.edu ASB kerberos-1.rutgers.edu Hill Center kerberos-2.rutgers.edu […]

What is LDAP?

Jump to… News Communication Description Connecting Update Schedule Service DNs Certificates Authentication/ Authorization Schema Testing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a set of protocols used for accessing online directory services. By using TCP/IP, LDAP allows clients on multiple platforms (i.e., Windows, Macintosh, Unix) to access centralized directory services. This […]

What is CAS

What is CAS? CAS, which stands for Central Authentication Service, is both an authentication mechanism and an enterprise single sign on server. Applications that utilize CAS all participate in the same single sign on session, meaning that once a user successfully authenticates with CAS, he or she won’t be prompted […]

Identity Management Services

Identity Management Services provide these capabilities: Authentication – Quickly verify user identities (Who you are). Authorization – Control users access (What you can access). Administration – Manage users and the policies for controlling user’s access privileges. Identity Management Services include: Person Registry – University’s identity system implemented for creation and […]