What is SafeNet?

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The EAS SafeNet authentication service provides a two-factor, one-time password authentication system utilizing SafeNet tokens from Secure Computing Corporation. At Rutgers these were formerly known as enigma authentication tokens after an old branding from that company. All users of the service are individually registered with the system and the resulting security is much stronger than traditional static-password technologies. This technology is used to secure various systems and services run by EAS and may be utilized by groups within Rutgers. The service is funded by fees charged to users which cover the costs of SafeNet and licensing.

How it works

New users must first be individually registered with the service. The registered user can then utilize their token authentication token to authenticate to any protected service to which they have access. Identity checks are performed when a user is registered and a secret PIN must be used in addition to physical possession of the token. Likewise the level of encryption used by the service (triple-DES) is strong enough that significant computing resources would be necessary to break it. The result is an authentication service that is of sufficient strength for almost any potential use at Rutgers.

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