SafeNet Costs

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Costs & Obtaining a SafeNet Authentication Token

Users are responsible for paying the cost of SafeNet Authentication Token and the yearly licensing fee. When a token is needed it is purchased through ESS. Payments for the safeNet authentication service should be implemented through RU MarketPlace (SCIQUEST) as follows:

Supplier Name OIT ESS Secure Safeword
Line Item SafeNet Authentication Token and Service
IPO Number 383

Item costs as follows:

Item Cost
SafeNet token $55.00
One time License fee $62.00
Yearly license fee $20.00

Occasionally requests to reprogram older authentication tokens are received. Every effort will be made to perform this function, but we do not guarantee it will be successful with authentication tokens that are not covered by our warranty. Programming attempts on older authentication tokens can result in the destruction of the unit. The customer accepts this risk when making such a request.

The following is a list of total costs for various administrative functions related to the SafeNet authentication service. Please contact the support email address for needs which are not listed if there is any question as to which fees are applicable.

Users at all three Campus are notified to pick their Tokens at the following locations:

New Brunswick Users:
Administrative Services Building
Room 101
Busch Campus

Newark Users:
Hill Hall
Room 219
Newark Campus

Camden Users:
Business and Science Building
Room 121
Camden Campus
856-225-6065 x16

License and Warranty Support

License Support is a yearly cost billed to the department in August. Payment is due before September 15th. Unpaid support results in suspension of service. On registration a new user must pay a pro-rated support cost for any remaining months, whole or partial, in the current term of service. After one year of non-payment on support a user’s license will be revoked. Future use of the service will then require re-purchase of a license at full cost. Tokens are warranted by the manufacturer for two years; however, this is subject to change by the manufacturer. (Note: authentication tokens often last 3 years or more).

ESS will replace a broken authentication token purchased through us within that period free of charge provided the conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty are met (i.e., no physical damage or evidence of improper use. ESS has final say on the application of warranty coverage to a failed authentication token. Relevant fees are charged to replace tokens which are lost or cease to function for reasons not covered by warranty. User-replaceable batteries are not covered by warranty.

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