Registry Information For Department Administrators

If you are involved with onboarding new employees or hosting guests, we will be providing faster, more integrated identity creation processes. We are working closely with Administrative Systems to take advantage of new HR procedures and systems, and we are also working closely with RUconnection to simplify ID card issuance.

For example, we are looking to eliminate forms like these:

  • RCI Account Application Form For New Hires: Integration with the new HR system will eliminate the need for paperwork to request “early” NetID creation for new hires.
  • RCI New Guest Account/Renewal: Delegated management tools will allow you to — in real time — electronically request NetIDs and privileges for guests without sending off paperwork.
  • RUconnection Request Form: Integration with RUconnection will automatically establish eligibility for ID cards, eliminating the need for new employees to carry paperwork to receive an ID card.

Specific timelines have not yet been established, and new functionality will likely be introduced incrementally rather than all at once.

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