Middleware Application & Data Management Services

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Identity Access Management Services

Application development and support for managing electronic identities lifecycle, provisioning, de-provisioning, authentication, authorization, and directory services.

Data Management Services

Database management, data services, and ERP environment support.

Middleware & Application Support Services

Application development and support for portal services, portal integrations, and other middleware and RBHS unit applications.

  • Identity Management services – Person Registry, RBHS Registry, Guest User Management, Group Attribute Management, ID Card integration, Help Desk support tools, IdM support tools.
  • Access Management – Password Management, Authentication (CAS-SSO), Federation Authentication (Shibboleth), Two-Factor authentication.
  • Access Management End user controls – Grant mainframe system access, manage two-factor authentication tokens, etc.
  • Directories Services – LDAP, Rutgers Search, AD integration.
  • Database support services – ERPs, Mainframe, Hyperion/OLAP, Discoverer, RBHS units, and DataWarehouses
  • ERP environment support services – PeopleSoft, Banner, E-Business, Hyperion
  • Data services – including university & vendor extracts/views and data transfers
  • Portal services – myRutgers and RBHS portal, application integrations


  • Enterprise Development Support Tools – Jira, CVS, SVN, Bamboo, GitHub, and Confluence.
  • Telecommunication Division Application Support – Device, Switch Configuration Management, Voice Services Request Tool
  • RBHS Middleware Application Support – Ethics & Compliance, Clinical Quality Management apps
  • University Hospital Middleware Application support – UH portal, Ambulatory Care Services (per transition agreement)

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