Landline Instructions

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Enroll with a landline 

Note: You  are strongly encouraged to enroll more than one device such as smartphone and tablet to avoid difficulties authenticating with your NetID+  if your primary device is not available.

Also please see  Duo Enrollment Guide for more details

  1. Go to the NetID+ Management Application (  and Click on Manage  NetID+Login
  2. Login with your NeID and Password 
  3. Click on Start your Enrollment   and Click Start setup EnrollmentPage1startsetup
  4. Choose Landline   (Please note that Mobile phone is the recommended device) enrolllandline
  5. Enter the landline telephone number ,  check that this the correct number and click continue enrolllandline2
  6. Click Call me .    You will  you will receive a call  with a verification code , enter the verification code and click continue .enrolllandline4
  7. You all set! . You will see the landline number added to “My Devices”enrolllandline5





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