Enroll with a Tablet

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Enroll with a Tablet

Note: You  are strongly encouraged to enroll more than one device such as smartphone and tablet to avoid difficulties authenticating with your NetID+  if your primary device is not available.

Also please see  Duo Enrollment Guide for more details  https://guide.duo.com/enrollment


 1. Install Duo Mobile Application in your device’s application store

ios (App Store) android (Google Play)
duo_ios_install duo_andriod_install

2. Open Duo Application

ios (App Store) android (Google Play)
duo_open_ios duo_open_android

3. Add Account.
Accept the license agreement. Click OK for notifications.

duo_acceptLA duo_addaccount

NetID+ Enrollment
3. Go to the NetID+ Management Application (https://netid.rutgers.edu)  and Click on Manage Your NetID+

4. Enter Your User  NetID and Passwordduo_login_to_nmgt

Click on either of the “Start Your Enrollment” link shown below after login in

A DUO pop up will appear. If you have never added a device, click “start Setup”. Otherwise, Click “Add a new Device” link on left menu.


5. Click on Add a new device. Select type of device. Select Tablet.ipad3












6. Select Tablet.ipad2

7. As per instructions in Step1, DUO mobile must be installed on your tablet. If not, please install at this point and click “I have Duo Mobile Installed”

duo_add_a_device48. You will see activation code displayed on screen.


9. Go back to your tablet and Click on ‘Add Account’ button on open the Duo Mobile app.


10. Click ‘OK’ to allow Duo Mobile app to access the camera.


11. Scan the activation code on the screen using the camera from Duo mobile app.

duo_add_a_device512. After  successful scanning , Click continueduo_add_a_device6

13. You should see a message that “Device was successfully Added”  Click OK to complete your enrollmentduo_add_a_device8


14. You should see Rutgers University entry in your Duo Mobile application.

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