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For your security , when you are enrolled in Duo 2-Factor authentication for  the first time , you are automatically enrolled in Global NetID+ . This gives you protection for ALL web applications  you access via CAS .

if you are not required to access a service with 2-factor authentication , you will be provided with the option to opt-out from using Duo 2-Factor authentication .

To opt-out :

  1. Login to the  the  NetID Management Application  and Click Manage NetID+ MainNetID
  2. In the left menu click  Manage My NetID+  user Account opt in/outNetIDGlobalPage
  3. You will be required to login with 2-factor authentication .  Using any authentication method you have wish.

You will see the Opt in/out page after completing two-factor authentication.  Choose to opt-out and submitNetIDGlobalPageoptout


You will get a confirmation page that you have successfully opted out of NetID+. Please note that you will  still need to use NetID+ authentication if a service requires it.  



To opt-in:

Follow the same instructions to login to the  NetID Management Application .   Choose to opt-in .   Please note that you by opting in you are now required to authenticate using 2-Factor authentication to ALL  CAS protected web services. You are better protected with this option . 




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